Rudi Dutschke’s mind blowing success

Nobody laughed
Civil servants vs politicians

Political commenting while ironing.
No shirt was ruined while making this video.

Three years ago I wrote a text about Dutschke in Dutch on the website In a note below an explanation of my vote. I repeat the complete note here for a reason:

Superficially the hero of many radical world reformers, Rudi Dutschke 1), had a sympathetic reason for his plea for the strategic choice to acquire positions of power in all kinds of institutions: he was against the then emerging terror of groups such as the Red Army Faction 2), also known as the Baader Meinhof group. But that was just a strategic choice. He did name his oldest son Che: after the notorious racist murderer Guevara. Another son is active for the German Grünen. I recommend the wikipedia page 3) about the mother of those children for those who like to shiver.

The reason I include the complete text is in the links/numbers 1-2-3. Those links all lead to revolutionary wikipedia texts. Today checking these texts again I stumbled upon the (un)reliabliity of wikipedia texts when they address anything (even slightly) political / controversial.
The texts had changed in the more communist direction, especially the last one about this Gretchen Dutschke-Klotz: by now it was still shocking but did not make me shiver.
You can not make this up: the subject of her theology [!] thesis was revolutionary movements in the time of Jesus Christ
My wiki-links lead to the German page about this peson of course: much more informative than the English one. I did not try to check the Arab, Hungarian and Spanish versions …

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