Sharing their god or their hatred?

The first video here that also serves as a basis for a podcast: a podcast in Dutch from an English subtitled video. It deals with the similarities, the relationships and the differences among those Abrahamic Religions.

The reason to make this video and podcast NOW is of course October 7, 2023: the terrorist attack on Israel and what happened since.

It is absurd NOT to base judgment on the Israeli-Hamas conflict on the full fourteen centuries history of the jewish-mohammedan strife. And it is even more absurd to only look at the differences between Mohammedanism and Judaism without also looking at the similarities and the relationship as can be found in their founding texts.

The most important of these differences concerns the relationships WITHIN each of the communities in question: what is the position of the most fundamentalist, extremist group within each of those three communities.

P.S.: This video and podcast are in a way improved and extended versions of this so called ‘pinned thread’ on

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