Silly threats to intimidate dissidents (1)

Provocative praying

Seven and a half years ago, a ridiculous Islamophilia show was staged in the city council of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. Since then, the trouble has only increased further, not only in Amsterdam, but throughout the Netherlands.
One of the main characters in that show became defense minister 1), another became a member of parliament. The first belongs to a party of wannabe aristocrats (called D66), the other to an explicitly socialist party (SP).

After October 7 and November 22

Unfortunately, the total lack of competence and integrity of Amsterdam’s councilors and aldermen was hardly noticed at the time. That wasn’t my fault: I stuck my neck out. Quite far actually. I challenged them and they backpedaled. (More about that below and in follow-up post.)

However, their backpedaling unfortunately was noticed even less.

But many things have changed since.
Less than seven weeks after October 7 The Netherlands held general elections and showed the biggest landslide in Dutch parliamentary history, partly ‘thanks to Hamas’ and their supporters worldwide.

Every government in the Netherlands is always formed as a coalition of multiple political parties. November 22 all four parties that supported the fourth Rutte cabinet lost: combined 37 of their 78 seats.
The party of Geert Wilders became the biggest party by far.

Challenging them

During that ridiculous display in that municipal council, people spoke – outside the order of the meeting, by the way – about a meeting in the subsidized debate center ‘De Balie‘.
People had heard something about the content of that debate and there were screeches that they were going to press charges against my good friend, the Flemish Islam critic Wim van Rooy.

I sent them a letter proposing to file charges against me instead. After all: when irresponsible people approach the court with a hopeless complaint, they bear the costs of the trial. My travel costs would be a lot lower than those of my Flemish friend and less taxpayers money would be spoiled this way.

The letter was discussed in the municipal council. The mayor and aldermen always give advice to the municipal councilors about every letter that the municipality receives, but they did not know how to respond. So each member of the city council now had to choose for themselves what wisdom was in this matter.
None of these men and women dared to actually file charges against Wim, and certainly not to sue me.
While I had made it extra easy for them: I had included a quite extensive appendix from which they could draw for their indictment!

More than 4000 words quotes from my books and other publications.

Link to the text of that long letter in Dutch ; the next post on this topic will contain the English translation of it. Part 3 gives more information about the remarkable qualities of some mayors of Amsterdam … I hope to publish both within a week.


  1. The grandfather of this Kasja Ollongren was born in Ukraine (!), and was of mixed Finnish and Swedish descent. She is an outspoken supporter of more money and direct military aid for Zelensky and escalating the war. Mrs Ollongren is married to a woman who works for some public broadcaster. I did not find a source about who is the birth mother of her two children.


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