The somewhat pathetic VP Wallace

Henry Wallace, US VP 1941-1945

Three years ago, before my first oilpainting, I made two or three gouaches. Only this one I completed.
Just recently I read a little more about him. A really strange guy, indeed. In 1944 the Democrat establishment dumped him as VP from the ticket with Roosevelt and Truman became VP. Wallace in 1948 tried to become POTUS on a ticket of a third party [a fourth one actually]: the Progressive Party. He did not get one electoral vote. Just as well I recently read some a-historical article by some left wing person who suggested that Wallace was the person that could have stopped the cold war …
On my final painted tribute to Winston Churchill where I started working on this April, he will play kind of a supportive role …

According to the Wikipedia text about him, Wallace “associated with controversial émigré Russian Theosophist Nicholas_Roerich“: Link

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