Ultimate virtue signalling contest

Perhaps not satire

If you oppose #misogyny and or #nihilism the #transgenderism-agenda is THE issue you need to focus on in 2023.
I kept the hashtags in this sentence: it is the pinned tweet on my twitter-account (frgroenendijk).

So many political and social developments today are so infuriating or saddening that we absolutely need humour to stay sane.

Luckily, a significant portion of the enemies of civilization,  progress and empathy are so far removed from reality AND/OR integrity that any attempt at a meaningful exchange with them is utterly hopeless. We just have to laugh at them. We don’t have to twist their words or images to do that: we just have to put the spotlight on them.

Many aspects of the appalling transgenderism agenda are so mind-bogglingly outrageous that normal people who don’t have time to seriously explore this topic dismiss its ugliest manifestations.
Still, I have high hopes for 2023 when it comes to the theme of transgenderism. Not just because of contests like illustrated here with this alternatives for the LGBQWERTY-flags. And yes, there is a very thin line between parody and (distorted) reality here.
But also because large numbers of ordinary people are beginning to sound the alarm. Voices of young people who have been mentally AND physically victims of that terrible agenda are being heard. Some transgender activists -intentionally or unintentionally- lift a corner of the dirty veil. This includes leaders of the Biden regime. Partly thanks to crimes by other ‘transgenders’ in high positiones the world was reminderd by abhorrent behavior of thar hideous human being Levine. It told before a rolling camera that if it had “transitioned” at a young age it would have become sterile. The same person who promotes going into transition for other peoples’ children.

Satire, probably.

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