Vegetal still life vs portrait

Vegetal colours
Vegetal colours

Number two of four exercises before I start working on my next portrait in my series of tributes on heptagonal carriers. I was so pleased with this one that I not only signed the painting but also framed it.

I wanted to practice two things in particular: working with Alkyd paint and with colors. After all, my tribute to Narendra Modi was my very first painting done with Alkyd paint.
And facial colours are still a challenge for me.
I’m not a fan of still lifes, but making them is very educational.
The colours on a still life with a vegetal subject (it is part of the banana plant that is in my living room!) are of course very different from those on a face, but the nice thing is that it mainly concerns relative colors that (also) correspond with the shape of the object and the incidence of light.

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