Why exactly no placebo punishments?

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In 2009, the Journal of Criminology [A Dutch journal, ‘Tijdschrift voor Criminologie, hence: ‘TVC’ further on] published the article “Recidivism after community service and after prison sentences”. The authors claimed to have demonstrated that offenders reoffend less after community service than after a prison sentence. At the beginning of 2011, the study was the subject… Continue reading Why exactly no placebo punishments?

Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Left: Bull-mainframe eigthies, right memorycard today

The first time I ‘used’ a computer was in the early 1970s. At the technical university in Delft. As a student you made a pile of punched cards on a very large, noisy machine into which you had punched your ‘app’ [programs we called those app-lications], values ​​for some parameters and your name and student… Continue reading Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Thank you, Google!

My book Islamophobia (in Dutch) and faction novel under pseudonym.
But now I do the opposite ..

The short video speaks for itself.Only after I made the video I noticed that this self declared best islam scholar ever also mentions his mentor in the USA, after he had fled Turkey: a Mr. Khalifa. In my first book (Islamophobia? – only available in Dutch) I dedicated a section, titled 19?, on page 119-120.… Continue reading Thank you, Google!

How many trees?

With a little help from Google ...
From my own tiny garden of Eden …

Man Made God Reading (just) 8 sentences from Genesis. I read them in Dutch but subtitle them in English. “Then God, the Lord, thought … if he ate those, he would live eternally! ..“ No mistake: “It is your absolutely inalienable right to believe in as many gods, godesses, devils or angels you want“ About… Continue reading How many trees?