Dissident Dutch Broadcaster under Attack

Dissident Dutch Broadcaster
Anchorwomen and founder of Ongehoord Nederland

The Dutch political climate is not like the Ukraine one. Yet.
The most important opposition party (Forum voor democratie) is not forbidden. Yet.
The only dissident broadcaster of those funded via tax-money (Ongehoord Nederland “Unheard (of), neglected Dutch“) is not forbidden. Yet.

This video is in support of the broadcaster. I added English subtitles because these developments in the Netherlands are of interest to an international audience. The reason for this is that both the Dutch prime minister Rutte and warmonger Zelensky are admirers of and admired by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

This Rutte is in his fourth term as prime minister. Formally his coalition is supported by four political parties that together recieved only 49% of the votes in 2017. Polls suggest these four are now supported by only 30% of the voters. The mutual admiration of Schwab and Rutte was best demonstrated here, in a video titled: ‘Schwab: “Water, gender and so on” ‘.
While a couple of years ago Rutte and other political leaders that support him flatly denied any relationship with the World Economic Forum, nowadays the Dutch prime minister appears in parliament with a bag with logo and title of this platform. Hence the nickname: middle finger government. It deserves that name also because the ministers therein are the most loyal (to Rutte and vice minister president Kaag, a long time close ally of terrorist leader Arafat) and least competent in Dutch parliamentary history.

The mutual admiration of Schwab and Zelensky is best demonstrated by the clothes Zelensky wears depending on who he visits. When he is invited at the White House or by leaders of European countries he wears a messy T-shirt, sometimes in military camouflage colors.

Only meeting Klaus Schwab he wears a suit.
Eleven months ago he addressed Dutch parliament in a zoom-session.
See video about that ‘visit’, titled ‘Meanwhile in the Hague, Brussels and New York. (BTW: only Forum for Democracy rejected inviting Zelensky for a propaganda speech in an official session of parliament…).

Link to Dutch petition to support Ongehoord Nederland.

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