Lucky bastard

When it feels like an image like this one is forced upon me, I think I am a lucky bastard.

1672: Johan de Witt and his brother murdered

Johannes and Cornelis de Witt murdered
A tribute to Jan de Baen too

I painted Johan de Witt as kind of a tribute: in several aspects he was to the Netherlands what Winston Churchill was for Great Britain. For both of them the royals were a real pain in the ass…And I feel related to him. Not the most but neither the least by the fact we probably… Continue reading 1672: Johan de Witt and his brother murdered

Why Donald Trump

Remarkable, funny almost, to what extent my text about Donald Trump resembles the one about Winston Churchill.Churchill occupies such a prominent place on this site that his ‘portrait’ is even used here as a symbol of our civilisation and our history. Trump occupies a similar place as a symbol of resistance to the undermining of… Continue reading Why Donald Trump

Decay & Painting

Banana leaf

A crucial aspect of painting of course is observing. A special aspect of starting to paint, especially at an advanced age, is a change in appreciation in almost everything. The leaves of a banana plant (it is not a tree!) decay after a remarkably short time. Earlier in my life I would never have noticed… Continue reading Decay & Painting