Drag queen show in a church?

Despicable person

No, Stacey Abrams on the photo above is not in a church and I am quite sure she is not a drag queen or transgender.
Compared to the number of drag queen shows in schools and libraries those in churches are still very limited in number.
They are informative in their own right, however.

The video this Canadian church ‘Hillhurst United’ links to is by a person that to me at first looked like a very young priest, maybe a chorus boy. It turned to be a transgender ‘woman’ itself. He/she is constantly giggling. The screenshot below is from that very long presentation. Procreation is simply not a thing for this person …

Adam and eve: just kins

With only a tiny bit of paraphrasing the claim is that maybe ‘Eve’ was not a real woman…
P.S.: One of the most remarkable aspects of the video was that the correct observation that Genesis contains different stories about the creation of mankind is mentioned in a completely casual way. This was subject of my first ‘bible reading’ video on this site, titled ‘The Seed of Misogyny’.


About Stacey Abrams

About taxpayers money for drag queen shows in public schools and libraries.

The transgender person Austen Hartke speaking and giggling 

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