More post impressionism?


Soon I will have the honor to participate in a four-day painting workshop by Cornelis Le Mair. One of the best, if not the best traditional artisan painter in the Netherlands. He has been painting for more than half a century and demonstrates and teaches the technique of the old masters. Those other kind of Old Dutch Painters, so to speak.

No court painter

I myself have been busy with my own painter quest for less than four years. What I have already discovered is that I strive to paint very good portraits and – just like Mr. Le Mair – don’t like ‘Free Expression‘ and the like.
Literally I am an Old Dutch Painter; Of course, in many ways very different from those masters of the Golden Age. One difference you wouldn’t think of first is that I’m pretty much the opposite of a “court painter“! In our time there are no more court painters. Perhaps a single court photographer here and there. However, I paint portraits of people whom I, on my initiative, place on a pedestal.

Post Impressionism

In line with this, it goes without saying that there are and will be doses of expressionism and impressionism in my paintings! I also did some ‘post-impressionistic’ painting. Pleasing! Pictured above is my very first painting in that style. I don’t think the result is my best product, but making it was a very successful project. It was pleasant to do, but it also took me relatively few hours: about six hours outside – in the sun and in a beautiful environment – and then another 14 hours at home. In addition to portraits, should I make paintings like the one shown here more often?


This church is located in the town of Kekerdom. This is close to where the river Rhine enters the Netherlands from Germany. I think the beauty of this church is that it has a robust and cute appearance at the same time.

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