The middle fingers of Jack Ruby and Dan Abrams

Trump Derangement Syndrome
Trump Derangement Syndrome

(De Nederlands gesproken podcast is te beluisteren via Spotify)

A book review of possibly the most idiot book I ever read all the way through.

It took me some time to really let sink in that it was nothing more, nothing less than a very wierd and very elaborate hit piece about .. Donald Trump.

The moment I thought about laying it aside I saw an episode of the cute television series Medium, that encouraged me to read on. I am glad I did!

That television series, by the way, is based on a true story of the clair voyant lady Allison Dubois. The photo below is of both the real Mrs Dubois and the actrice.

Allison Dubois and actrice Patricia Arquette.
Link to Amazon page of the book.


I tried supplying a review of this book to the Amazon-site. I intentionally left out a link to this review here: A few months ago I included a link to another extensive review (This one: Of the magnificent book by Miriam Grossman Mengele 2.0 and the Castro Consensus) and that was not accepted).

This time my attempt was answered thus:

I genuinely wonder: is this due to some anti Trump algorithm or did a human being read my review? Did he or she perhaps view the video I published here?

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