Mengele 2.0 and the Castro Consensus

Remember David Reimer

I will begin my review of Miriam Grossman’s phenomenal ‘Lost in Trans Nation‘ – like that book itself – by recalling the horrific fate of David Reimer. Reimer was the most ‘outspoken’ victim of the terrible John Money, referred to here as Mengele 2.0..

When he was a seven-month-old baby, David – who was named Bruce by his parents – first was the victim of a terrible accident involving hospital equipment: instead of being circumcised, his penis was damaged beyond repair. (The circumcision of brother Brian went without complications.)

About a year later, David fell victim to Mengele 2.0.. Money wanted to conduct an experiment to prove a bizarre theory of his. He convinced the very young and intellectually challenged parents of the identical twin boys to make Bruce into Brenda. At the age of 22 months, Bruce’s testicles were surgically removed and the parents started dressing him as girl Brenda. Brenda resisted fiercely, but Mengele 2.0. meanwhile lied in scientific journals that his approach was completely successful. He wrote those lies long before the twin brothers reached puberty.

This Mengele 2.0 who sexually abused the boys and forced them to make nude copulation like movements with each other in front of the camera, had urged the parents never to tell the boys the truth about his twin-transgender experiment. When the boys were 14 years old, the parents finally informed the boys about the monstruous experiment.
And then comes the truly unimaginable twist in this story: Bruce now chooses a new boy name himself.
He chose the biblical name David. Not in his role as king, but as the boy who defeated and beheaded the giant Goliath. How manly do you want it to be at age 14?
Brother Brian died at the age of 36 from an overdose on antidepressants. David himself committed suicide with a firearm two years later. Their father became a heavy drinker. Their mother attempted suicide.

It is not easy to find sources about the above mentioned behaviour of Mengele 2.0.. This book by Jemma Tosh: The body and consent in Psychology, Psychiatry and Medicine (2020) comes close enough, in my opinion.

The main question to be answered is: why was and STILL is so little negative written about Mengele 2.0.?

Knowing anything at all about the destruction of the lives of all members of the Reimer family will make you sick to your stomach if for example you read the Wikipedia entry on John Money: it is close to a hymn of praise for this Mengele 2.0.

I will come back to this question in detail at the end of this blog post.
I mention it here because, while describing the horror of David Reimer’s life, Grossman mentions almost in passing that the medics at the time were not very good at ‘constructing’ penises; they were better at surgically mimicking vaginas …

Table of contents

Remember David Reimer
Further derailments since Mengele 2.0.
Anecdotes and numbers
The many whistleblowers
Two victims highlighted
Homeschooling as the nuclear option
Grossman’s empathy and anger
Fact checking
Scope and degree of the criminal aspect; a hypothesis

Further derailments since Mengele 2.0.

Grossman began expressing her concern at the turn of the century. Very subdued at first, but gradually getting louder and better underpinned.
Now, in chapter two, Psychiatry’s Dangerous Idea, she describes how Mengele 2.0.’s thinking has derailed even further since then.
In schedule (p 16):


Male and female
Imposed by culture
Fixed at age three
An academic theory

Limitless possibilities
An inner experience
Fluid throughout life
A turbocharged crusade

She adds a list of decidedly non-academic theories that she should delve into in order to fully understand these bizarre developments.
Instead, she has done a very thorough study and concludes:

What I do know is the concepts and terminology have been everchanging and increasingly radical. Even as I write these words, more and more inane ideas are introduced and foisted on me. For example (…) WPATH telles me that eunuchs -castrated boys- are a sexual orientation like gay and lesbian.

Anecdotes and numbers

The twofold structure of ‘Trans nation‘ is absolutely sublime and gives hope.

The book is primarily intended to support ordinary parents and grandparents. The structure of the book and Grossman’s style of writing is aimed at offering them comfort and tools to resist the many-headed monster.

But she has also managed to win over many top scientists and independent commentators with backbones of steel. As a result, the book is introduced by the unsurpassed Jordan B. Peterson and already contains a lot of praise, but more importantly: the book contains hundreds of notes and seven excellent appendices written by top scientists and experts by experience. And so the book also provides tools to fight the nihilist, mysogynist transgenderism-narrative worldwide.

I try to follow this twofold approach by presenting a series of anecdotes and figures here and a series of quotes in the next chapter.

On social media I regularly remind people that the difference between men and women can be found in each of our body cells: it’s XX or XY. In addition, there are also people with XXY or XYY chromosomes. They occur in two very different congenital anomalies IN MEN. “Trans Nation” has an even more compelling “anecdote” that you really won’t forget: receiving a kidney from a same-sex donor is much safer than receiving a kidney from a donor of the opposite sex.

I find it almost as hard to forget the following. There are a few days between the fertilization of an egg cell and its implantation in the uterus. There is then a group of approximately fifty cells that has not yet formed an embryo. At that stage, however, there is already a ‘hormonal exchange‘ between this ‘blastocyst’ and the uterus. The sex of what will eventually become a child is then already determined. (Would you like to delve deeper into this subject: crucial is the substance Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG. Trans Nation reports about it on page 30, referring to footnote 40 in chapter 2. The book counts 695 notes. The most in chapter 5 about the whistleblowers: 118.)

A central element of the transgender narrative is the insistence on the idea that a child’s gender is ‘assigned” at birth, claiming that immidiately after birth of not every newborn it can be determined with certainty whether it is a girl or a boy. In a way that is true: this is the case at around one in 5000 births (p 3). As some perverted form of empathy with those very few sad cases society should act as if that ‘assignment’ should be dismissed for every child and years later we should ask the child itself if it feels male, female, neither or both.

Page 64 mentions a girl who identified as blind and transgender.
A transgender ‘Health’ clinic dismissed her false claim that she was blind, but blindly accepted her transgender claim …

Describing the horrible phenomenon ROGD (Rapid Onset Gender Disphoria) page 33 mentions the explosion of cases of Gender disphoria. The (by now closed) Tavistock Gender Identity Disorder Service (GIDS) in Great Britain saw only 18 patients between 2000 and 2005. By 2021-2022 that number increased with 4555%.

Page 118 reports the stunning results from a poll in 2022. Even [Grossman writes ‘only!] 18% of people over 65 believed that “gender is an identity that is distinct from a person’s biological sex“. Among 18-to-29-years olds it was 61%. The poll did not include younger people. The ongoing indoctrination, even in Preschool – “men can get pregnant too“- does not bode well for the number of the very young.

Page 187, in chapter twelve “Surgeons’ dangerous Idea” mentions kind of a definitve number. A peer-reviewed analysis in 2021 gave a quality score of zero out of six for the so-called golden standard of the WPATH’s Standards Of Care. WPATH stands for World Professional Association for Transgender Health. What you really should remember is that this is some kind of Non Governmental Organization.

No final figure but a final assessment in words can be found on page 189.
It deals with the surgery of one of the most famous transgenders Jazz. Actually it is a honest report by one of the criminal surgeons operating that child that was placed on the gender transition expressway at age five and underwent surgery at seventeen. This Jess Ting reports “We knew it was going to be a one-of-a-kinde surgery (…) I was not expecting her (sic) to have complications as severe as what she did have”.
Take some time to let this admission sink in.
Grossman adds one of the most appropriately merciless sentences of the book:

.. yet another example of doctors saying “I have an idea. Let’s do this to patients and see what happens”


.. emotionally healthy people live in reality, no matter how painful it may be and it is my job as a doctor to represent that reality. (page 105)

Page 116 mentions a Wisconsin School apparently led by vile criminals, displaying the sign:

If your parents aren’t accepting of your identity I am your mom now.

On page 108 Grossman quotes Finnish Kaltiala commenting on the claim that trans youth have an increased risk of suicide:

It is purposeful disinformation, the spreading of which is irresponsible.

Page 162. Take note: this is female (!) ‘influencer’ with more than a quarter of a million followers on social media.

I do not have a minimum age in my practice.

At the end of her long introduction Grossman writes about a mother whose daughter fell victim to the trans-madness:

I can’t go on‘, she told me, ‘I have to stop. Reading about what they do to kids, sterilizing them, I feel sick‘.
‘That is a fitting response,’ I told her. ‘You should feel sick. I do too.

The many whistleblowers

Remember that zero out of six quality score about that ‘golden standard’?
That standard reminds of that nonsensical claim you can hear about other political issues “The science has settled”. It is a claim you will never here from a serious scientist. It is propagated by persons who identify as ‘science journalists’ and picked op by people who identify as serious politicians.

‘It is Neither Science, Nor Settled.” #NSNS

Chapter five in ‘Lost in Trans Nation‘ is titled ‘The whistleblower‘. That is a pity. It should be ‘The whistleblowers‘, plural. There are many of them. On page 92 Grossman writes: “When Evans resigned in protest he joined 35 others who had done the same“.

Quite a number of the whistleblowers have a very remarkable past. Sometimes it took them decades to really start blowing their whistles!
Some of them have even ‘transitioned’ themselves !

Both aspects further illustrate how abhorrently arrogant -and so: anti-scientific- our enemies are.

Two victims highlighted: Sage and Olivia

Grossman writes about so many horror stories. It is hard to choose the ugliest one. I chose two that highlight two very different aspects of Grossman’s book. Sage’s story involves the most disgusting parts of US politics these days, Olivia’s story involves the promise Grossman made to Olivia’s loving father, Hank. That is on page 142 of the book.
I bursted into tears, literally, when I read it. I had to re read it about ten times before I was able to reproduce these words.

As we stood in the parking lot, he returned to what was for him the most mysterious element of the entire saga: the State placing Olivia with two gay men. He shook his head incredulous: ‘But she needed a healthy woman in het life’. [the mother left husband and daughter for a guy in another country she met online] . (…) Hank pressed me, ‘Please doctor, tell my story. Describe what they did to us. I want the world to know‘.
I promised him I would and so I have.

I elaborate on Sage’s fate and the appalling political behaviour associated with her story in the Fact Checking section.

Homeschooling as the nuclear option

Most likely, experiences like those of Sage and Olivia and their parents don’t exist outside the US. Almost jealous so it seems, Grossman writes about the lead of a number of European countries – especially Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom – in fighting the many-headed monster.

Luckily on page 66/67 she reminds us of the fact that Sweden also was the very first country to legalize sex reassignment and it was only in 2021 that its National Board of Health and Welfare effectively banned medical transition of minors.

On page 128, in the chapter on Educators’ Dangerous Ideas Grossman writes plainly ‘home school is best‘, but elsewhere she calls homeschooling ‘the nuclear option‘, hinting at her old liberal sympathies. …

Coincidentally, in my younger years, when I was still a member of an outspoken left-wing party, I met a guy in the Utrecht branch who told me that he was going into ‘transition’. He must have been one of the first. I’m talking about the early 80’s here.

Homeschooling, by the way, is close to my heart. In my homeland, an outspoken Christian politician quite recently spearheaded a renewed attack on homeschooling. Yes, there is a lot to be ashamed of if you live in the Netherlands as a conservative:

I hate self-pity, but here at a complete category Meanwhile in the Netherlands can be found because “.. the Netherlands seems to be the model country for World Economic Forum policy“.

I didn’t put this blog post in that category: that would make it smell too much of self-pity. Suffice it to say here that chapter 6 in ‘Trans Nation‘ is called ‘A dangerous Dutch Idea‘. Sadly Grossman is completely correct in warning for the criminally unscientific approach of the Dutch doctors involved.

Grossman’s empathy and anger

Maybe it is because I am not just a very outspoken heterosexual man but also father of daughters and grandfather of girls 4, 7 and 12 years old, but I am a bit surprised about the extent to which Grossman seems to force herself into looking for some consideration for the criminals involved.

Here and there it seems that she somehow wants to apologise for the then colleagues of Mengele 2.0., because they could not (yet) really cope with his criminal intents at the time, due to a lack of knowledge about the colossal importance of XX versus XY in every cell of the body. In my opinion it was not necessary for them to debate Mengele 2.0 with knowledge about chromosomes. They should have trusted their guts and rely more on their estimation of him as the inhuman bully he was.

On the other hand, she does show her anger. She also once refers to Mengele 1.0, in the chapter The Castro Consensus she doesn’t hold back at all and she even hints at the Wuhan virus where she writes metaphorically about a lab leak…
Maybe she’s right: writing even angrier could be counter-productive.

Fact checking

While reading the book my guts screamed at me: ‘She is so right, she is magnificent, her contribution to turning the tables is so great‘.

I am a scientist at heart, however. So, altough a great admirer of Winston Churchill, I cannot rely solely on my intuition and guts. A very strong indication that Grossman has integrity is the fact that as a (former?) liberal she is subjected to a deluge of false accusations of ‘right-wing extremism’ (whatever that may be).
Still, I shouldn’t blindly trust everything she puts forward. Hence this section ‘fact-checking’. The choice of subject for this check was easy: the machinations surrounding the law named after the aforementioned girl Sage.

I start quoting the Washington Examiner

Known as Sage’s Law, this bill was introduced to highlight the tragedy that took place in Appomattox County High School in Virginia when a teenager named Sage decided to present herself as a boy, though biologically, she was a girl. Though the school was aware of this, it hid the information from her mother, Michele.

While in school, this young girl was severely bullied, and soon after the situation was discovered, she fled her maternal home and tragically fell into the hands of sex traffickers.

The horror was described in her mother’s words as follows: Sage was “drugged, raped, beaten, and exploited.” Sage’s Law was authored to prevent any such terrible sequence of events from happening again.

No shred of doubt: The Washington Examiner is a conservative source and many liberals would call it ‘right wing’ at least.

So let’s take a look at what local source Roanoke Star writes:

… the horrific ordeal of an Appomattox High School student, Sage, led to a bill known as “Sage’s Law” in this year’s General Assembly to help protect Virginia youth from the clutches of sex trafficking. If it had passed, the law would have required schools to notify parents if their minor children were seeking to change their gender, surgically mutilate their genitals, and/or engage in chemical castrations.
Staff at Appomattox High School tried to hide Sage’s gender dysphoria from her parents, and that set her on a path whereby she was sex trafficked first to Maryland. Then, when a judge there refused to let her return to her parents, she was placed in the boys’ wing of a children’s home where she was abused again and trafficked to Texas, where she was finally liberated by law enforcement and returned to her family in Virginia.
Despite the near-universal revulsion toward sex trafficking, especially against children, Sen. John Edwards (D-Roanoke) stunningly voted on February 16 to kill “Sage’s Law” in a state Senate Health and Education Committee.
In lockstep with his eight Democrat colleagues, Edwards voted to “pass by indefinitely” HB 2432, thus killing the proposed safeguard in this session of the General Assembly.  In contrast, three Republican Senators representing Central and Western Virginia all voted to keep the bill alive, but were outvoted 9-6.

Clearly this is not a pro-Democrats source either. They did ask Edwards for comment but he declined to give any.
Luckily on Youtube a video can be found showing the Democrat senators phrasing their objections. Senator Ghazala Hashmi (at 4:30) literally talks about the safety the school has to provide, implying: protecting the child against their own parents. Somehow Chapman Petersen (at 4:50) manages to make things even worse by declaring that he ‘believes strongly in parental involvement‘. Let this sink in.

Senator Edwards, by the way, is known to be a staunch opponent of anything that remininds him of the ‘Pro-life‘ view. Republicans wanted to oblige hospital staff to render medical care to an infant who is born alive after an abortion attempt. Edwards and the other Democrats blocked the proposal.

The Catholic News Agency wrote :

The legislation, sponsored by Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, would have required any health care provider who performs or assists in an attempted abortion in which the infant is born alive to provide the “same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence” to preserve the life that they would to any other child born at the same gestational age. It would also require health care professionals to “ensure the immediate transfer of the infant … to a hospital for further medical care.”

Scope and degree of the criminal aspect: a hypothesis

Remember what I called Grossman’s most appropriately merciless sentences of the book? “.. yet another example of doctors saying “I have an idea. Let’s do this to patients and see what happens“.
Almost seven years ago I wrote my first article on transgenderism: Women’s sport, liposuction and perverse priorities. Considering I spent only a few dozen hours preparing and writing it, I am not ashamed of its shortcomings.
I am very glad Miriam Grossman put so much of her time, empathy and energy in her study.

One of my shortcomings stands out now. I closed the essay thus:

Perhaps this was (and still is) the most perverse force behind the transgenderism agenda, but certainly was not and still is not the most disturbing and influential one.

That most influential and guilty force came from and still comes from the medical world.

My previous review here was about genius farmer’s son turned neurologist, Jan Bonte. The longest and -in his own words- most important article in his (first) collection of blogposts The Poison Cup, addressed the role of the medical world in Nazi-Germany. Calling it an extremely disturbing role would still be an understatement.

The basis of that part in Jan’s essay about the so called Doctors’ trial 
-the first one of the seval Nuremberg trials- is formed by references to articles in British scientific journals. In particular ‘Not a slippery slope or sudden subversion: German medicine and National Socialism in 1933, published in 1996. It reports an extensive in-depth study by Hartmut M Hanauske-Abel (Hartmut btw translates as ‘Brave Mind’).
The ruthless but unfortunately correct main conclusion of Hanauske’s study was that of the approximately 50,000 physicians in Germany, it was not some hundreds or thousands who held abhorrent views: it was the majority of them.

Combining these two reviews, led me to my own impetus to answer the question I posed at the beginning of this article: Why was and STILL is so little negative written about Mengele 2.0.?
It’s a hypothesis.

The finding that medics are more prone to crimes against humanity than the average non-medical person can be explained as a the result of a professional deformation.
A deformation that arises from the explicitly non-holistic approach of the sick person. The focus on fighting symptoms through the administration of pharmaceuticals can lead to a dangerous distortion of looking at patients as humans and hence at people in general.


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