SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’

The Poison Cup and Der Neue Untermensch

Only a small fraction of scientists and medical practitioners worldwide in recent years resisted the unfolding circus of lies surrounding SARS_CoV_2 the lab leak and the actually extremely experimental mRNA vaccins.  In many countries, these heroes showed their backbones of steel despite almost unlimited hate campaigns against them by spineless colleagues, extremely stupid or -more… Continue reading SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’

Trials, tribunals, Islamic State and the Wuhan-virus

In the Netherlands, since the beginning of 2021, the presidency of the parliament is in the hands of the political party ‘D66’. In March this party grew and now has one sixth of the seats in parliament. It is also the party that most explicitly supports the transfer of national sovereignty to the European Union.… Continue reading Trials, tribunals, Islamic State and the Wuhan-virus