Respect for relating to prison thugs?

Respect or Restecp
First video in the category Meanwhile In The Netherlands.

At the beginning of this century I was a teacher for a couple of years in two very different kinds of schools. The management of both schools felt that some form of respect should be imposed on the teachers. In very different ways.

The booklet ‘Respect’ I received as an ICT teacher at an intermediate vocational school. My experiences with students with baggy trousers and a school board that had no idea about the reference to prison thugs, I gained as a teacher of that other type of school. A school where mainly children of white, relatively well-educated parents attended and most of the teachers came from such an environment too.

P.S.: ‘Misplaced Respect‘ is the prefix in the title of nine smaller chapters in my first book ‘Islamophobia?’ (available in Dutch only).

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