Holocaust Remembrance Day & the Concept of Chosenness

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day that reminds of one of the most horrible episodes of recent human history and to one of the most beautiful aspects of Jewish culture: commemorating every individual. 

The reason for making this video is twofold. Last Christmas, literally on Christmas Day, I wrote what I thought was a short and somewhat understated message to an elderly man of East Asian descent about his remarkable sympathy for Hitler’s Germany. 

Shortly after, I came across an account on the video channel Bitchute with the curious name “Way Of The World” (WOTW). There I saw a bizarre video in which Jordan B Peterson, a person I really admire, is attacked in a very strange way. That WOTH account has a large number of subscribers for Bitchute (25000) and the video in question has already been viewed more than 65000 times.

The ODP website already contains a lot of blog posts and videos about the –in age– middle of those three Abrahamic religions (see e.g. the tag Bible reading) . The last one of these is about the former viceroy of the Netherlands, called Donner, and his hero Emperor Constantine: the embodiment of Christianity as a state religion !

In the book 49:49 the Mohammedan version of those three gets the most attention.
Here in this video, the eldest of those three gets the most attention.
Although careful and understated, like the above mentioned message, I address ‘problems in jewry’. Especially those with defining it and in that chosenness-thingy.

Bluntly summarised: A) I am disgusted with the Jewish religion, B) I appreciate aspects of Jewish culture and C) I support the state of Israel (not unconditionally, but almost).

The video by that bitchute-account WOTW starts with a clip from a video that made JBP even more famous than he already was. In an interaction that was presented as an interview by a woman called Cathy Newman she twisted every sentence of the man but failed miserably. At one moment he literally said: ‘I got you there’. And she agreed …
The racist opponent of JBP in that frequently viewed video with dramatic music in the background, here ‘presented’, as it were, his own ‘I got you moment’ to expose JBP. This ‘Jew’ did not want to enter into a conversation with an outspoken racist, while he presents himself as someone who never stops arguing. On the one hand, the video portrays JBP as someone who likes to play the victim card and at the same time considers himself superior.


I have written extensively on the need for a critical study of the Jewish and Christian religions. Here’s my video about that: A penny dropped …

When it comes to that remarkable sympathy for Hitler’s Germany: I have made several videos about that subject this one for example and this one and my e-book ‘IS, the Kurds and the Caliphate; Turkey: from sick occupant to paranoid neighbor’ deals with World War I too …

Link to PDF of PEW-study mentioned in the video.

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