Distant Thunder

A delay that turned into a positive thing

Distant Thunder is a one of the descriptions Merriam Webster provides for the word Rumble. Who would not prefer it over talk in a chattering fashion? Important links: About the growth of Rumble Mr. Devin Nunes is at the head of Truth Social

Meanwhile in The Hague, Brussels and New York

About a sickening coincidence of two meetings.I should not exaggerate: actually I did not throw up, I did not even vomit in my mouth.Two days ago Mr. Zelensky, an extremely wealthy clown -literally, it was his previous job- addressed the Dutch parliament. The next day he did another non-exchange with the Belgian parliament. It coincided… Continue reading Meanwhile in The Hague, Brussels and New York

Trials, tribunals, Islamic State and the Wuhan-virus

In the Netherlands, since the beginning of 2021, the presidency of the parliament is in the hands of the political party ‘D66’. In March this party grew and now has one sixth of the seats in parliament. It is also the party that most explicitly supports the transfer of national sovereignty to the European Union.… Continue reading Trials, tribunals, Islamic State and the Wuhan-virus

Why Donald Trump

Remarkable, funny almost, to what extent my text about Donald Trump resembles the one about Winston Churchill.Churchill occupies such a prominent place on this site that his ‘portrait’ is even used here as a symbol of our civilisation and our history. Trump occupies a similar place as a symbol of resistance to the undermining of… Continue reading Why Donald Trump

Allow me to introduce myself

First video on the OldDutchPainter-Youtube channel.
Uploaded also to Bitchute.

I did not expect this so soon, but unfortunately YouTube already censors my canal. So if you want to see this or other videos from this channel: use the link to Bitchute