You have found it! The website of the OLD DUTCH PAINTER and his anti-nihilist, anti-communist, pro-civilization friends.A video about the reason to start this website can be found: HERE (Allow me to introduce myself), a video about Retreating from Social Media can be found on Bitchute : HERE. Take note: some Tech Giants provide a… Continue reading Welcome

Bob Dylan and that actually lethal thoughtcrime

Vincent van Rijn, Frank Zappa and the church of the small Dutch village Kekerdom are in the background

About a part of the foundation of making that Orwellian concept thoughtcrime into a part of the real world. When Leo Kottke met Bob Dylan. The complete lyrics of the Dylan song.More about the 25-cent wooden carnival cane in Zantzingers hand and the number of children Mrs. Carroll gave birth to, can be found in… Continue reading Bob Dylan and that actually lethal thoughtcrime

Expressionism? I do want to cry out..

Hyperlapse & comments

Colourizing old movies: I saw great examples of it before and today I discovered that a fellow Dutchman called Rick is doing a really great job in this field. Here an example of his work: The Attack on Pearl Harbour.This blogpost is about something completely different, yet in a way comparable. I chose this example-link… Continue reading Expressionism? I do want to cry out..

Rudi Dutschke’s mind blowing success

Nobody laughed
Civil servants vs politicians

Political commenting while ironing. No shirt was ruined while making this video. Three years ago I wrote a text about Dutschke in Dutch on the website VerenOfLood.nu. In a note below an explanation of my vote. I repeat the complete note here for a reason: Superficially the hero of many radical world reformers, Rudi Dutschke… Continue reading Rudi Dutschke’s mind blowing success

Childhood memories

Futurology, technical pen

In my school days I painted very little, but I did draw.This one is from the time I was considering studying architecture. So I was in secondary school. I must have put hundreds of hours into this drawing. Instead of doing homework, so to speak.My inspiration came from architecture magazines that I borrowed from the… Continue reading Childhood memories