Police brutality: Hurray for timestamps!

Some international media, and even Mr Nils Melzer at the UN [Special Rapporteur on Torture] have started to report about police brutality in the Netherlands. The immediate reason for this was an incident that happened in Amsterdam on January 2, 2022. A little bit confusing about it was that the accompanying illustrations did not come… Continue reading Police brutality: Hurray for timestamps!

An experiment that turned out differently than I expected!

I posted this video clip on both Youtube and Bitchute.The accompanying text was different.On Youtube I wrote as if I was a leftist fool, to avoid being throttled to show it.At Bitchute I explained why I placed this text on YouTube:“My daughter bought this interesting toy for my eldest grandson. He is eight years old.… Continue reading An experiment that turned out differently than I expected!

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The brothers De Witt, murdered in 1672.

I strongly oppose racism. Slightly more when it comes in the form of tribalism. Most when it comes in the form of ‘monarchy’ and people considering themselves to be ‘demi-gods’.Two of the greatest statesman in Dutch history have been murdered by supporters of the monarchy/orangists.Johan van Oldenbarneveldt was ‘legally’ executed when he was 71 years… Continue reading Introducing Category: aaa

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Why Donald Trump

Remarkable, funny almost, to what extent my text about Donald Trump resembles the one about Winston Churchill.Churchill occupies such a prominent place on this site that his ‘portrait’ is even used here as a symbol of our civilisation and our history. Trump occupies a similar place as a symbol of resistance to the undermining of… Continue reading Why Donald Trump

Women’s sport, liposuction and perverse priorities

This piece is about transgenderism. Not to be confused with hermaphroditism, intersexuality or (gender) dysphoria. And it is about what is in the title. I explain difficult words separately, except for the word I made up myself, transgenderism: that agenda. That’s what the whole piece is about. Handicapped or challenged? Contrary to what the title, the… Continue reading Women’s sport, liposuction and perverse priorities


A crucial aspect of painting of course is observing. A special aspect of starting to paint, especially at an advanced age, is a change in appreciation in almost everything. The leaves of a banana plant (it is not a tree!) decay after a remarkably short time. Earlier in my life I would never have noticed… Continue reading Decay


Tip1: the links in the ‘footer’ can be really useful. Tip 2: watch the videos only after clicking ‘Continue Reading’. Since my retirement I started painting myself [ ≡ ‣ Direct link to my ℙaintings ] I got more interested in the succesful painters from the low lands from centuries ago. Much longer ago I… Continue reading Welcome